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Contract Disputes & Litigation

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Mr. Grumet has extensive experience with litigating [and pre-litigation efforts, such as attempting to resolve such disputes without resorting to filing suit] a wide array of breach of contract and related disputes. Over the course of his more than 15 year career, Mr. Grumet has represented hundreds of individuals and entities in both prosecuting and defending against a countless variety of breach of contract claims; from complex restrictive employment agreements ("covenants not to compete" or "non-compete agreements") and convoluted disputes between recording artists and music producers/tour promoters [including a current dispute involving numerous prominent rap artists] to simple loan agreements and just about everything along the spectrum in between - e.g. personal loan guaranties, home improvement/contractor disputes [and, as described in more detail on a separate webpage, contractor-sub-contractor/materialman and related lien disputes] and even intellectual property disputes that involve the interplay between traditional contract common law and the scope of copyright/trademark licensing agreements.

See also Employment Law Section.

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